About us

Birdock is a company dedicated to improving bird conservation, and we strongly believe that birds need to enjoy a high quality of life just like we do. Our team consists of a group of bird lovers and technology experts who have worked together to develop a smart feeder, hoping to contribute to bird conservation through technological innovation.


Three years ago, we launched our first-generation Smart Bird Feeder, which allows us to watch birds live anytime, anywhere. Since then, we have been continuously upgrading our products, and we are proud to have recently released our 2nd-Generation feeder with a hummingbird attachment. Moving forward, we will continue to improve our existing products and develop new ones.

Our Vision

Birds are beautiful, mysterious and sensitive animals, but their living environment is deteriorating in modern cities. Birdock hopes to achieve a harmonious coexistence between humans and nature through technology, providing a more intimate, intelligent and convenient service for bird lovers and conservationists, while also helping to promote technological progress and environmental protection.