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Birdock 5 Feeding Ports Hummingbird Feeder for Outdoor

Birdock 5 Feeding Ports Hummingbird Feeder for Outdoor

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Hummingbird Feeder Main Features

Hummingbird Feeder is made of high-quality PC & ABS material with rigorous assembly process to ensure long-term outdoor use, and it is leak-proof and dust-proof for long-term outdoor use.

Perfect blue color: Birds are attracted to the colour of blue especially in mating season.

* Quality PC+ABS

* Water Capacity: 4.1oz

* Size:6.85*4.2*1.97inches

* Come with 5 feeding ports

Perfet Size & Large Capacity

* Perfect size easy to install on smart bird feeder.

* 4.1oz Large Nectar capacity: Provides enough energy for hummingbirds.

* A transparent bowl judges nectar easily and refills water at any time.

Unique design for feeding ports

* Adopt hummingbird wings design for 5 flower feeding ports attract hummingbirds easily.

* 5 Red flower provide hummingbirds more space to rest and drink.

* 0.16inch bee gurad holes: Perfect feeding ports prevent bees entering nectar..

Easy to refill and clean

* Easy to Refill the nectar and clean the base when you opening it.

* Better resting and drinking enviorment for hummingbirds.

Easy to Install on smartbird feeder

Perfectly install on smart bird feeder. Smart bird feeder have to extra purchase.

Perfect Combination: Provides food for bird vistors and provides nectar for hummingbirds.

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