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Birdock Solar Panel Set 3V6W

Birdock Solar Panel Set 3V6W

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Note: The solar panels can be used in conjunction with store Smart Bird Feeder


About this item

Non-stop Power - With its high power output, this solar panel can provide stable and continuous power for your Bird feeder camera, enabling it to work fully charged all the time. And thus you will not concerned about the camera running out of power and have to take out the camera frequently to charge the battery.

Especially Designed for Outdoor - With advanced and durable ETFE material, this solar panel possesses excellent weather resistance. What's more, IP65 weatherproof feature contributes to resisting the hail impact and the erosion of smudges. So you don't have to worry about the negative impact of bad weather on solar panels.

User-friendly Design - The cable length of the solar panel is about 2.9 meters, allowing you to flexibly choose the placement position of its solar panel. The bracket is adjustable with 360-degree rotation and 90-degree tilt, which is helpful to receive more sunlight to the greatest extent conveniently.

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